Rally  and  Enduro School

Il Monte Offroad offers a school where you can learn all the techniques and skills needed to go off road and enjoy yourself.

You can learn to use a road book and Trip Master or learn the techniques of Enduro riding. You can try your hand at Enduro courses, trials and extreme tests. There are courses for beginners and the more experienced than last from one to three days.
Il Monte’s courses are run by experts and we are incredibly flexible in providing you with the exact tuition you want and require. Don’t hesitate to ask how you can customise your course to best suit yourself.
The courses are run during the week or at weekends.
What you can accomplish depends on you, the time you have available and your desire to ride a motorcycle.
Participants are divided into groups based on their experience and skill level to allow everyone to have fun, learn and improve at a comfortable pace that suits each individual.
If customers are attending the course with their own motorbike it must be legally compliant, be fitted with suitable tyres for off roading and be in good mechanical condition.
For those of you that either don’t have a bike or cannot bring to the course we are happy to rent you a bike complete with the necessary equipment.
Each rider will receive a certificate of participation in the school.


The schools provide tuition for a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 15. This is in order to offer a more complete, efficient, and satisfying experience.
Please find more precise details in the Rally School and Enduro School sections.
For prices,Bike availability and additional information please contact us via the contact e-mail and telephone details given.